Getting To and Around Topeka

Getting To and Around Topeka

Topeka, as you might expect of a state capital, is easy enough to get to both by car and by plane. It’s at the cross roads of the I-335 and I-70 making it easily accessible by road whichever direction you’re approaching from. If you’re coming from overseas then Kansas City International airport is only an hour’s drive away and if you’re taking a domestic flight you can touchdown at the Manhattan Regional Airport. The Railways have played an important part in the history of Topeka so it’s no surprise that is has good rail links. Trains from the Union Pacific and BNSF are frequent.

As with any major city, you won’t have a problem finding a place to hire a car if you want to provide yourself with a means of private transport during your stay. However, if you’re coming from overseas you’ll need to be aware of the requirements you’ll need to satisfy the rental criteria of the company you’re thinking of using. Though you can drive from your teens, you may need to be 25 or older to take a rental. In addition, though you may prefer to avoid borrowing in your day to day financial affairs, you might need a credit card to be able to rent a car. If you are coming from Britain, Ireland, Japan or Australia you will want to take some time to ensure you are comfortable driving on the other side of the road before you head into busy areas where conditions may present a challenge. On top of this you’ll probably be more used to driving ‘stick’, whereas the likelihood is that your rental will be automatic.

If you really want to see a lot of the surrounding area, you probably will want to go down the rental route. However, if your trip is going to see you based around the city centre then public transport may suffice. There are 30 fixed Topeka Metro bus routes you can ride. Children under 5 are able to ride the bus routes for free, whilst a ticket (one way) for an adult costs $2. If you’re going to be using the buses frequently during an extended stay it could possibly be worth your while getting a monthly pass. This allows unlimited journeys during the calendar month and costs $50.00. It’s non refundable so you should be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth before making the investment. It could transpire that you’ll be better off going for a strip of ten tickets. This is cheaper than paying for each ride individually and, as you’ll already have your tickets, you don’t need to worry about carrying change for the bus (drivers can’t give change, so you need to be saving coins to avoid paying over the odds).

You can purchase tickets online from the Topeka Metro website or you can by them in person from the station on Quincey street.

Walking around Topeka isn’t a problem for those familiar with navigating Cities with a grid system. Basically, the streets that run from north to south are named, whilst those that run east to west are numbered. On the north side of the river, the numbers rise as you head north, whilst on the south side of the city the numbers get higher the further south you go.

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